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Leading Canberra-based government relations and media relations consultancy firm.

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About Us

MCM Strategic Communications is a leading Canberra-based, non-partisan government relations and media relations consultancy firm.

We specialise in the development and implementation of strategic communication strategies for engagement with Australia’s Federal Government in Canberra and state/territory governments in all Australian jurisdictions.

Our team is based in Canberra which means we are constantly interacting with federal ministers, shadow ministers, ministerial advisors, shadow ministerial advisors, backbenchers, Senators – including balance-of-power Senators – government departments, government agencies and statutory (government) bodies. In addition, we maintain strong links to all state/territory governments across Australia.

MCM’s non-partisan status assists with ensuring that our clients can seamlessly engage with members of Parliament at the highest levels from all political parties, as well as with independents and cross-benchers. This means that in times of political uncertainty and no matter what the outcome of elections, MCM is able to continue to advise clients about engagement with government and continue to deliver outcomes across a wide range of public policy areas.

MCM’s capabilities are such that we can advise clients on both government relations and media relations, a compelling point of difference.

The MCM team has decades of experience in strategic communications and has advised some of the world’s largest and best known companies and entities, as well as high-profile industry associations.

Our company name is a reflection of our broad strategic communications credentials and track record – MCM stands for messaging (M), contact (C) and media relations (M).