Media Relations

Drawing on our decades of experience working in the media and engaging with the media (including the Canberra Press Gallery) on behalf of clients, through in-house roles in business and in board/senior executive positions with industry associations, the MCM Strategic Communications team offers a comprehensive suite of media relations services.

MCM is one of Australia’s leading consultancy firms for delivering media relations services which complement government relations advocacy.

Media relations services that we provide include, but are not limited to:

Public Relations
Public relations assistance and advice, specialising in public relations which complements government relations activities.

Media Training
Media training workshops which prepare participants for engaging with the media by providing background information about the media and realistic simulated media interviews.

Media Monitoring
Daily monitoring of the media (print, radio, TV, online, social media, other) for items which are directly relevant to public policy issues that directly impact on clients.

Media Strategy Development/Implementation
Development/refinement of key messages and writing and implementation of media strategies, including media campaigns and strategies for strategic communication through social media.

High Court Litigation Support
Strategic communications support for appeals to the High Court of Australia, including development and implementation of strategies for engaging with media and government stakeholders on the issue which is the subject of the appeal.

Social Media Support
Assistance/advice for strategic communication through social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Crisis Communications
Support at short notice to manage engagement with the media on a high-profile issue.

Issues Management
Assistance with management of issues as they arise in the media, including the provision of advice for strategic communications in relation to issues.

Reputation Management
Assistance with managing reputational issues with key media stakeholders through engagement and other forms of strategic communication.

Strategic Advice
High-level advice on engagement with the media.